I am a feminist artist and activist for womens rights.  I am a Philadelphia based printmaker, installation artist, painter and sculptor. My work is a collection of fragmented memories that act as veritable time capsules--representing specific events in time and place. As a collection, the paintings, photographs, installations and assemblages reveal a fragmented and fractured personal history defined by trauma, personal choices, substance abuse, family chaos and loss. Embedded in the works are matters we often keep hidden, safe and secret. Many women have patterns from a past lives that haunt the present. This work displays glimpses of the truth that lead to revealing that which is oftentimes unsaid in a family, in a relationship, and in a double life.

I studied art at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, and attended Vermont Studio Centers, September 2018 and CalArts residency, June 2019 . Her work has been in the Woodmere Art Museum, PAFA Art Museum, 1969 Gallery (NYC), and featured in group shows in New York, Chicago and Philadelphia.